Music :: garage-rock, lo-fi:: Let’s Kill Janice

  • Band:Let’s Kill Janice
  • Song:Interference
  • Year: 2016
  • Genre: garage-rock, indie, lo-fi
  • Social media: FB

Desert beachs, light rains and fresh air are visible signs that something is ending, and the name this thing is summer.
It is not so sad how you can imagine, the end of summer is the end of a period of extreme relax in which your mind sleeps and searchs other ways of your life.
So, say hello to the new era with a nice garage rock made by Let’s Kill Janice with the song Interference.
It is a rythm made of nostalgic waves, desire to run more fast than the wind and do not fall down as yellow leaves.
It is another way to say goodbye to everything is done and to be enthusiastic of everything is not already done.

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