Album – electropop, funky – Vesuvio Solo {2016}

  • Band – Vesuvio Solo
  • Album – Don’t leave me in the dark
  • Year – 2016
  • Genre– electropop, funky
  • Socials Bandcamp, FB, Twitter

Let’s appreciate the fashion style of the posh electro-funky of Vesuvio Solo, a music project coming from Quebec, that on 2016 released an amazing album { Don’t leave me in the dark} avaialble on Bandcamp.
Positive vibes, clean sounds, crystal guitars and a lot of special electro effects.
Same vibrations come from the elegant music of the Phoenix band, or from the french electro-mood of Daft Punk mixed with the talent of Pharrell Williams.
I hope to see very soon another amazing releasing of Vesuvio Solo because we need more and more prosecco and sequins.

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Friday Mixtape week #50


Men I Trust — Say, can you hear –
orchid mantis — empty palms
Earth Dad — You Again (We Can’t Be Friends)
goldrobotrecords — Monster Rally – Cherry Blossom
brokenbellsmusic — Shelter
Stratford Ct. — Hotel Pools & A.L.I.S.O.N – Drift
Bobo Integral — Dumb Things – Catch And Release

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Album – Indiepop, Lo-fi – TV Girl

  • Band – TV Girl
  • Album – Death of a Party Girl
  • Year – 2018
  • Genre – indiepop, lo-fi, electronic
  • Socials FB, Bandcamp, Twitter






I know TV Girl band since the beginning of their music career and I should be honest: I love them, I love their music and love the atmosphere that they are able to create.
The new album, released in May 2018, is a patchwork of sun, waves, sand, wind.
The come from California, and their music is full of all suggestions coming from the sunny whether.
The album is a mix of indiepop, electronic and lo-fi, the right ingredients that this blog use for surviving to the daily routine.
Let’s take the metro for reaching the office, or, in alternative, let’s take the headphones, let’s listen to TV Girl and let’s go on with the summer.

Death of a Party Girl by TV Girl

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SONGS :: indierock, indiepop :: ladroga



  • YEAR; 2018





I was sitting in my office, waiting for the end of day. It was a normal Friday, without any news until i found on Bandcamp this Italian band who sings in Italian language but created a musical mix that can involve everyone all around the world in the same fantasy.
It is like to come back at school, in the end of the year, in june, when you are lazy, tired and you spend all the day between maths and french lessons seeing outside the window and imaging the sea and the summer that is waiting for you.
What will happen this year? Will you find another love? Will you find another delusion?
will you find other friends?
Nobody knows, but the summer cannot wait you forever and needs you.
Summer is calling you with this music that swims between indiepop and indierock.
We love ladroga, we love their music and with them our summer will never end.

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Sunday Jukebox #2



FBInstagram Twitter

FB Twitter Instagram 

FB Instagram Twitter


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Friday Mixtape :: all indie music that you missed



  • SQRD — Together (electro)
    FB –
    Soundcloud –
  • The Brocklebank – Criminals (alt-rock)
    FB –
    Twitter –
  • Satin Jackets — Never Enough (electrofunk)
    FB –
    Instagram –
    Twitter –
    Soundcloud –
  • Bonus Point – It’s Better This Way (chill, dubstep)
    FB –
    Soundcloud –
    Twitter –
  • admo – Another Day Without You (chill, dubstep)
    FB –
    Bandcamp -
    Soundcloud –
    Twitter –
  • Clap Your Hands Say Yeah — Better Off (indie-rock)
    FB –
    Twitter –
    Soundcloud –
  • Waving Blue — Time Has Come (shoegaze)
    Soundcloud –
    FB –
  • Amber Arcades (indiepop) – It changes
    FB –
    Twitter –
    Webiste –
    Soundcloud –
  • ConsciousThoughts (french house, future funk) – Free Ride
    Bandcamp -
    Twitter –
    Soundcloud –
  • VENN (shoegaze, dreampop) – Surreal
    Bandcamp –
    FB –
    Instagram –
    Twitter –
    Soundcloud –
  • RHEYA (dreampop) – Franchise
    FB –
    Soundcloud –
  • Yusuf Siddiquee (french disco, indietronica) – Honest
    FB –
    Instagram –
    Soundcloud –
    Tumblr –

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Review:: bedroom pop, lo-fi :: Dan Bodhi (2017)

  • Singer: Dan Bodhi
  • Album: Rockin’ Romance
  • Year: 2017
  • Genre: bedroom pop, lo-fi,
  • Contacts: FB, Bandcamp
  • Listen on Bandcamp

It is only the beginning of the week but I guess that everybody needs the weekend now.
Unfortunately, we have not yet the time machine, we cannot restrict the rest of week for to reach early the friday night, but maybe JCGE Music Blog has found the great solution for your sadness: Dan Bodhi‘ s release is the handmade medication suitable for all music lovers.

The bedroom pop Rockin’ Romance, really close to Mac DeMarco‘ melodies, is suitable for all people who dream to song guitar in a cottage in the country, to fly with clouds and to run with horses.

Nostalgic, dreamy, just about folk, it is easy like an apple pie.

Best track: Smoking Woman, Rockin’ Romance.

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