Music:: synthpop :: Empathy Test

  • Band: Empathy Test
  • EP: Losing Touch
  • Year: 2014
  • Label: n/a
  • Genre: synth-pop
  • Listen to here
  • Web site, FB, Soundcloud, Twitter, Tumblr

It happens very few times to press the play button and say ‘wow!’. But then, what happen, you hold your ‘wow!’ within yourself because you’re afraid to break the fairy atmosphere that is surrounding you already. It’s exactly what happened with Empathy Test’s first EP, ‘Losing Touch’. You are catapulted straightaway into a limbo between late ’80s and 2000s, between old fashion synths & drum machine and modern loops. The best soundtrack for your next spring, to chase your next love, to enjoy your next moments of loneliness. Absolutely, definitively magic.

Empathy Test is a duo project by Adam Relf and Isaac Howlett, based in London [UK]. With such starting, and a little of goodwill from their side, we’ll hear great things from these guys. Waiting for some live sessions, Empathy Test’s ‘Losing Touch’ will be available starting from Feb 28th in digital format on all major digital outlets and in CD format on Amazon On Demand.


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