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  • Band: Lerin / Hystad
  • LP: Mount Buzhou
  • Label: Extemporaneous Recordings
  • Year: 2014
  • Genre: ambient, electronic, experimental
  • Listen to here
  • Contacts: Web Site, FB

I don’t know how many of you have seen Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain, but I’m pretty sure that if a new Jodorowsky is looking for a soundtrack, Lerin/Hystad‘s Mount Buzhou is here and ready to go. Hey Pàlfi, if you are thinking to another movie and you need a soundtrack, Lerin/Hystad are here!

Mount Buzhou was an ancient Chinese mythological mountain. It said to have supported the heavens, against which the Chinese water god Gong Gong smashed his head in a fit of anger, requiring the goddess Nuwa to repair the sky. In 2010 Lerin/Hystad moved to Chongqing and Kunming, in southwest China. In Green Lake Park, in the middle of Kunming, over 1k retired musicians met every day to perform traditional Chinese music together. Lerin/Hystad spent two months recording these musicians. These recordings are the ground of Mount Buzhou which combines field-recordings of traditional Chinese music from Kunming and Chongqing with ambient soundscapes, heavy drones and electronic.

On April 15th, Lerin/Hystad will release Mount Buzhou through Extemporaneous Recordings on vinyl, CD and digital download. Lerin/Hystad have also recorded the Mount Buzhou video, a 40 mins video-collage. A dreamy psychedelic travelogue with it’s point of departure in a taxi-ride through the streets of Chongqing. Extemporaneous Recordings are releasing the whole Mount Buzhou video in 6 parts, one part for each week until Mount Buzhou release date on it´s official YouTube channel.

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